everyday recording

At the 033 RECORDING STUDIO you can create music using high-end, high-quality instruments. Or make any kinds of recordings – always for a reasonable price.

The 033 RECORDING STUDIO is a flexible recording studio in a generous format. With a well-sized Backline and applying Plug and play in everything we do, you can do basically everything in audio recording here. Either with us supporting you, or on your own.

Larger or smaller recordings, from simpler readings of, for example, commercials, to podcasts or why not entire album productions. Nothing is too small or too big for us at 033 RECORDING STUDIO.

We’ll help make accommodations during extended recordings

We’ll help you find the right accommodation. Borås is a city with many different accommodations. As the studio is near to downtown, it is close to these accommodations as well. Get in touch and we’ll find a good solution.